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Nice to meet you!

Heritage Eats was founded in Napa Valley by the Koenig Family in 2015. The concept grew from a desire to understand the everyday food habits of different cultures around the world. In 2014, Ben Koenig spent the year traveling around Southeast Asia, India, Israel, Egypt, and beyond in search of daily life food staples. His findings were brought to the Napa Valley in the interest of being a family-friendly, community-minded business.

Each day, the Heritage Eats Team is dedicated to bringing you fresh and flavorful meals using global spices and warm hospitality.

Thank you for exploring with us, we can't wait to serve you!


Ben & Ali


Heritage Eats is a globally inspired, fast-fine restaurant concept serving sandwiches, salads, wraps, rice bowls, tacos & more with a focus on elevated 'daily life' food from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and beyond.


Vibrancy represents the energetic bustle of cooking, eating, and socializing that is unique to street food markets. Already present in the food of Heritage Eats, this vibrancy is reflected in the warm and welcoming environment.


Honesty speaks to Heritage Eats' uncompromising mission to serve food that is ethically sourced and prepared.


Heritage Eats' roots were born from a desire to seek adventure and learn from other cultures. We invite you to curiously taste your way through our menu. 

“I wrote our business plan on a beach in Goa and then refined it in Bhutan, Vietnam, and Thailand.”

— Ben Koenig IV

Our Team