Our Story

Heritage Eats is a globally inspired, fast-fine restaurant concept serving sandwiches, salads, wraps, rice bowls, tacos & more with a focus on elevated 'daily life' food from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and beyond.


Sustainably raised chicken covered in Jamaican spices and placed into a Chinese bao bun? Absolutely. Our menu is carefully crafted with amazing foods and flavors from all over the world. Adventure never tasted so good.


See that guy over there eating a Bao Bun? Yep, the guy in the flannel shirt. He raised the chicken you are about to order. Not only do we know our farmers, but we serve them, just in the same way they serve us. (You can thank him later.)



We might not have any control over what happens in this crazy world, but do we have a say in how we feel about things. We choose to put out Good Vibes, because why not? Take some, leave some—there’s enough to go around.


With a firm commitment to freshness and quality, we procure sustainably raised, antibiotic-free proteins and produce, whenever possible.





I wrote our business plan on a beach in Goa and then refined it in Bhutan, Vietnam and Thailand.
— Ben Koenig IV

Benedict Koenig IV

Founder & Owner

As Founder and Owner of Heritage Eats, Ben is committed to incorporating global inspirations and philanthropy into all aspects of business. An avid traveler, in 2014 he spent considerable time backpacking through the Middle East and Asia – an experience that helped inspire the Heritage Eats brand. Prior to his travels, Koenig worked with hospitality design and concept firm AvroKO, serving as Assistant General Manager at their restaurant in Napa. Prior to forging a career in hospitality, Koenig worked at Goldman Sachs in New York City. A native of New Jersey, Koenig graduated with a degree in Economics from New York University.